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Blockchain Development

  • Blockchain protocol selection
  • Full Lifecycle development
  • Smart contracts design & development
  • Blockchain Network Infrastructure setup
  • Testing & Validation

Technology Support

  • Ongoing Blockchain code maintenance
  • Performance Tuning, data migrations & Smart contracts upgrade
  • Infrastructure/Ether spend optimization

Technology Consulting

  • Blockchain Strategy
  • ICO/STO Roadmap & Exchange Listing
  • Functional Solution Architecture
  • Tokenization strategy
  • Token Economics
  • Governance models & 3rd party Integrations


Govt. of Karnataka


The client was the centre for e-governance (CEG) of Government of Karnataka.

The client was looking for a blockchain based solution that will ensure government issued identification documents are not tampered with - from the time of attestation to presentment in various government departments.

  • We designed, built and delivered an innovative blockchain based solution (Multichain) to address above business problem.
  • The hash (digital signature) of documents were stored in the blockchain to help with validation of submitted documents with corresponding original signed versions
  • Integration with government databases like Aadhar e-sign, digi-locker and Aadhar verification

Muthoot Fincorp


The client is a leading player in financial services industry in India, with over 3000+ branch locations across the country.

One of the key pain points for the client was to guarantee immutability for certain types of documents transferred from branch locations to head office. Also, the solution was required to synchronize document transfers in real time, across the offices.

  • We built a Multichain based distributed ledger solution.
  • As and when a branch user entered manual data, it was picked up as a JSON extract and synced up with the blockchain.
  • The blockchain nodes were run in multiple branch locations across the company, thereby guaranteeing immutability.
  • The solution has been implemented in many client branch offices.

Zavy Secure


The client was looking at a ‘Rapid Prototype Development’ of an e-attestation POC. This POC was part of a larger requirement that the client is currently working with Malaysian government, towards a ‘Smart City’ initiative.

  • We engaged with the client, understood the needs, and built a blockchain prototype in a week’s time frame.
  • Solution was built on Multichain with Docusign integration.
  • Our multi-skilled team also quickly build an Android app to wrap the blockchain code and present a complete working prototype to the client.

Property management company(Stealth mode)


The client is an innovative USA based startup, engaged in building an asset-tokenization platform targeting US real-estate market. The client was looking at us to completely take over the blockchain part of their product solution.

  • Built the solution in Ethereum platform with Solidity as the language for smart contracts .
  • Exposed blockchain code as APIs.
  • Worked with US onsite clients and integrated Blockchain code in APIs, with their web- based product.
  • Improved cycle time and less hassle - blockchain development and troubleshooting competency was completely available offshore.

About WhistleLabs

Whistlelabs is a niche Blockchain Technology Services & Solution Development Firm. We are a team of IT professionals with several years of rich and varied experience in Technology & Business domains. Driven by our passion to build and deliver cutting edge technological solutions that have a positive impact on the world of tomorrow, we have come together, under the umbrella of Whistlelabs. Our solutioning team consists of top-notch techies and our consulting partners/advisors team comprises of former senior executives in many global multinational organizations. We would be more than happy to talk to you, understand your Blockchain Solutioning needs and share our expertise and be part of your success journey.

Raja M Appachi


IT Engineer turned as an entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of OneWhistle Inc who is creating a GPS tracking platform called Whistle where Needs are Met at the last minute. Lead Investor to Calicom Inc(raised $250K), Silicon Valley tech start-up, taking enterprise UC and Collaboration to the next level with SUI and Natural Presence. Chairman of MMF ventures who formed team of 20 individuals to buy from seed stage to late stage stocks before IPO and have successful exists and holding many stocks between 200% to 300% . Notable investments are Palantir, Alibaba, Actinium, Relmada.

Rajesh Barade


Rajesh Barade comes with over 23 years of experience in various technology roles and has lead delivery of large transformation programs in Banking and Financial Services domain. He is an advisor for startups and also holds certifications in Data science and Blockchain technologies.

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